Canto Nodes Docs


Information about the Presale:

The Private sale will take place on the 28 August 2022 and close the 30 August 2022. Investors will be able to buy $CNODE token at a discounted price of 14.3%.The presale will be conducted on our DApp: TBA

How to obtain a WL?

In order to participate in our presale, you can do the followings to earn a Gem slot. Our goal is to reward those who participate actively into the Canto Nodes Community and the Canto Ecosystem :
  • Giveaways : You can try your luck in the #giveaways channel, once a day we will offer a Gem slot.
  • Twitter : Engagement on twitter will be rewarded, no need to spam about Canto Nodes, just be an active member of the community.
  • Invite contest : The 20 members with the most invites of the Discord will be rewarded.
  • Faucet : As we love Canto, it's ecosystem and it's community, we'll keep an eye on the #social-faucet channel. Help those who need anons, you will be rewarded.

Private presale tokenomics:

  • 100 WL
  • Minimum Allocation : 100$
  • Maximum Allocation : 700$

Public presale tokenomics :

Every remaining tokens from the Private Presale Allocation will be available in a Public Presale.
The public presale tokens will be available at a discounted price of 7.14%.
The public Presale will last during 12 hours before the launch of Canto Nodes.